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Ride in style

Trying to make it as a band is damn tough these days. with faceless corporations controlling radio playlist nationwide and MTV not even interested in showing any music videos, there aren’t a lot of outlets for up and coming bands. it’s simply back to basics, my friend. get out there and play. and when you rock the socks off the kids at the bars and clubs, night after night, believe me, word will spread. the kids will text their friends, share their experience thru email and blogs and before ya know it, your CD will land in the billboard top 100. it could happen. but first you have to believe in yourself and your band. and realize that image is just as important as your music. treat yourselves as rock stars first and the fame will follow. that’s why it’s imperative that you arrive at your gigs in style.

Don’t just show up at the shows in your beat up corolla. impress the promoters, the fans and the bar owners by arriving in a top of the line limo. with that one instant impression, people are going to know they are dealing with the next big thing. and with the service of All State Car and Limousine, they’ll help you make it happen. they handle the transportation of celebrities, musicians and VIPs all over the tri-state area. reservations are a cinch to set up and they make sure to get you to your destination on time and in style. they’ve even been featured bythe Robb Report and New York Magazine as The Best Car and Limousine Service in Town. so whether you need a ride around Manhattan, All State Car and Limousine will get you there and you’ll turn some heads in the process. make an impression, get noticed, be a star and ride in style. head on over to their website to make a reservation online.


an old friend living over in Las Vegas called me up the other night inviting me to go see a rodeo with him. not just any old rodeo, mind you. It’s the big one: The Wrangler National Finals Rodeo hosted by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Now I’ve grown up a city boy most of my life so I’ve yet to see a real life rodeo but from all the things my friend has been telling me about the events, I definitely want to go and see it all close up and in person. It’s a huge deal in the rodeo world, with a ton of events including- tie down roping, bull riding, bareback riding, steer wrestling and barrel racing. I didn’t realize this until recently but the National Finals bring in around 170,000 spectators during the 10 day event. and get this, even though the Thomas & Mack Center Arena is the home of the UNLV basketball team, the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) is reportedly the biggest client for the arena. my vegas buddy is planning on sending me a DVD of highlights from last years competition to give me a taste of what to expect. I’m already getting pretty excited about the trip. plus he promised to set aside a couple days to show me around town since the last time I visited Vegas was back when I was a little kid. for those interested in seeing the event for yourselves, Wrangler National Finals Rodeo tickets are available now so book ‘em before their gone. and there’s enough time between now and the National Finals to properly plan a nice vegas vacation around the events.