Old Blog Entries

Enhance the look of the studio

if you’ve ever recorded with a band or even with a solo artist then you probably know all about how hard it is to capture that one magical performance. sometimes it can take days to get that one best take which can be a bit painful especially when you’re under time constraints or just trying to stay under budget. you can be in the most expensive recording studio with the best equipment money can buy but if the vibe isn’t just right, that stellar performance may never happen. sometimes it’s as simple as the recording room being a bit too sterile looking to keep the creative juices going. that’s why i make it a point to bring along some vibe enhancers to a recording session just in case the recording room just looks too drab. you know, just adding a couple of pieces of decoration can change the whole look and feel of a room.

i recently bought some neat items that i’m planning on using during my next recording session. i’ve got a couple of these Blue Groovy Wavy Lava Motion lamps that truly transforms a room especially with the room lights down low. I also got these two big 12″ Lumin Glass Rainbow Plasma Disks that fire off blue, green and red lights around a flat planel disk display in time with the music. it’s fantastic to look at. there’s also this 16″ Blue Plasma Phosphor Tesla Light Lamp that i can bring along for those larger facilities where i need to decorate more space. from my experience, I found that decorating a sterile recording environment enhances a musician’s performance, time and time again. try it the next time you’re at a recording session. and be sure you order some of those neat decorations before you do.

Super Slice mix up

I recently purchased Virgin Mobile’s Super Slice for my dad. Since he doesn’t use a cell phone enough to warrant a regular monthly plan, I thought a prepaid service was the way to go. An interesting thing happened when I tried to activate the phone for him. I couldn’t activate the phone through their website. When I called up customer service they told me the phone’s serial number (ESN) was already assigned to another account. wtf??!!It’s a brand new phone from best buy and YOUR telling me I can’t use it b/c SOMEHOW the serial number has been stolen off the phone???? well the guy couldn’t exactly tell me how this mix up came to be but there wasn’t anything that they could do on their end to get the phone activated. I had to go back to best buy and exchange the phone for a new one. brilliant. definitely doesn’t bode well for the phone or the service. hhhmmmmm….

Music notation software

I was over at a friend of mine’s place who plays bass and is also the musical director of a house band at one of the local venues here in town and he was showing me some of his latest work. he works up his own demos using Reason and ProTools like most musicians but he also prints out all his arrangements using Finale® music notation software. He’s pretty thorough and demands precision when his live band learns his new songs and obviously writing out all the parts for his musicians helps out in that department. I personally haven’t used the software but I could imagine if I had to teach my band some complex jazz-fusion type parts, Finale® would come in handy. From what he was showing me, I was pretty impressed with what you can do with it. Not only is it a great music engraving tool, it can also incorporate audio as the score is shown on the screen. it’s not as labor intensive as it could be if it was all done on paper so it’s definitely a great tool to use when writing out your music.