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New York City

ahh, new york city. so much has been written, talked and sung about the place. it’s probably the most famous city in the world. you know, New York has been the subject in countless movies, television shows, documentaries, books, musicals and songs. and speaking of songs, the one song that immediately comes to mind is the one that They Might Be Giants perform regularly at their live shows..

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Jens Hannemann

This new project by Fred Armisen is so funny and a bit sad at the same time. his take on instructional drumming videos is just spot on. but the sad part is that i remember purchasing and viewing these types of instructional videos back when i was learning how to play. yikes. sad, isn’t it? back in my younger days, i distinctly remember watching some dude with a mullet on one of these cheaply made educational videos talking about “stayin’ in the pocket, dude” and “not to overplay or else you’ll mess up the keyboard player!” man, i wish i still had the video, i would *so* put it up on youtube!! but this DVD titled Fred Armisen Presents Jens Hannemann: Complicated Drumming Technique is a must see not just for those that are familiar with these types of instructional videos but for those that like dead-on satire. just check out his over the top drum kit! and the great thing is that Armisen really knows how to play.