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Mix Tape: One Man Gets Around

For today’s edition of the retroblog Mix Tape, I thought I’d include some more Brent Bourgeois-related tracks. some of these are a bit obscure but that’s all part of the fun, right?

One Man Gets Around by Charlie Peacock. Brent eased into the christian music scene by doing some session work with his friend Charlie Peacock. Brent is featured here on backing vocals. some may think backing vocals aren’t that significant but in this song as well as the next one on the list (Unto You Lord), Brent’s vocals end up being the highlights of these tracks.

Unto You Lord by Charlie Peacock. the song is pretty straightforward and non-eventful until the appearance of Brent Bourgeois’ vocals during the bridge. I’m not really a fan of Charlie Peacock’s voice but Brent’s performance is worth a listen.

Hold On by Michelle Tumes. Here’s a track off of the project called Streamsthat was produced by Brent Bourgeois and Loren Balman. the song was written by Brent Bourgeois and Cindy Morgan and again features Brent doing some great backing vocals. Michelle’s voice is a bit too thin for my tastes but Brent’s vocals and tuneful writing make up for it.

We Are Home by Bourgeois Tagg. this song is from the aborted Peter Wolfsessions. the song was written by Lyle Workman, Larry Tagg and Brent Bourgeois and can be found on Larry Tagg’s solo album With a Skeleton Crew. it’s a pretty good tune and makes me wonder what could have beenhad Bourgeois Tagg completed the project with Peter Wolf.

One Love by Brent Bourgeois. a wonderful track off of Brent’s album Come Join the Living World. the album was recently named the “most underappreciated Christian album” by InFuze Magazine.

Genesis: Live over Europe

the year 2007 could have been labeled the “year of the dinosaurs” in some ways since there were so many “reunited” bands out on the road which included Genesis. and as with most big reunion tours, a companion CD has been released - Live Over Europe 2007 . the live recording is excellent with a clear pristine mix and great performances captured from various shows of their european leg of their world tour. the big downer for me personally is the fact that Phil Collins isn’t able to sing the songs in their original key so at times the songs sound a bit strange to me.

Some listeners may not notice but for long time fans, it’s pretty obvious (and jarring). and when you’re used to a song performed in the original key, the songs that are modulated lower tend to sound “less exciting” and “less energetic”. just listen to “Land of Confusion” and “Tonight, Tonight Tonight” and pretty much anyone can tell the songs just don’t “snap, crackle and pop” like they did back in the eighties. and it has nothing to do with the perfomance but simply because their performing them in a different key. don’t get me wrong, seeing this legendary group live in concert is a totally different experience all together. but when you’re just listening to a live recording, the listener gets to really focus in on the songs, and for me, the key changes simply make me want to pull out the original recordings.