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Love is the Answer

Brent Bourgeois mentioned in his interview that most people only know the song Love is the Answer as performed by Seals & Croft (or England Dan & John Ford Coley). i didn’t think about that fact until he mentioned it. you know, it’s a bit sad to realize that the general listening audience doesn’t even know about the artist behind that classic song. So, today i thought i’d share a couple of different versions of the song Love is the Answer including one performed by none other than the ones that wrote the song - Utopia.

Love is the Answer by Utopia - this is a great live version of the tune recorded during Utopia’s heyday back in 1982. the group sounded great back then.

Love is the Answer by Cindy Morgan - This version is produced by Brent Bourgeois and I love the arrangement and the great musicians playing on this version. it’s just that Cindy has a limited vocal range and it shows during her awful vocal runs at the end. yikes.

Love is the Answer by Rick Springfield - yes, the guy who sang Jessie’s Girl. I don’t care too much about this one. Springfield’s voice isn’t all that great nowadays and the guy leaves out the whole bridge section in his version. what’s up with that? maybe he couldn’t figure out the chords to the bridge? a bit too difficult, perhaps?

Love is the Answer by Todd Rundgren - yup, another version by the man himself, Mr. Todd Rundgren. bossa nova style. it’s not my favorite but i like the concept of redoing a song in a whole different style. and yes, why cover a song if you’re just going to copy it note for note, right England Dan & John Ford Coley?

Glastonbury footage on McCartney Years

with all the extra time during the holiday break, I finally got a chance to sit down and view some of my recently purchased music DVDs like The McCartney Years . I was pleasantly surprised while viewing the 2004 Glastonbury footage on disc three. in the past I was never really that fond of Paul McCartney’s recent touring band comprised of Abe Laboriel Jr., Rusty Anderson, Brian Ray and Paul Wix Wickens. But the Glastonbury footage changed my mind to all that. the band rocked. they sounded so much better than they did on the limp 2002 live recordings. I’m sure it’s tough as a musician to rise above the shadow of those Beatles songs and watching the Glastonbury show, it seemed that Abe, Rusty, Brian and Wix finally came into their own. I’ve been partial to the 1990-1993 McCartney band all this time but now I think this incarnation just might be my new favorite. check out the Sgt. Pepper/The End clip on youtube for an example. watch Abe as he beats those drums into oblivion and then watch Rusty and Brian let loose during the ending guitar solos. cool stuff.

James Taylor - One Man Band

I’ve been listening to James Taylor’s latest live release One Man Band over the holiday break. There’s something about Taylor’s voice that justfeels like home to me. Plus, the tried and true song selection keep the listening experience safe within the “all things familiar” category. Yes, you probably have heard me whining a number of times in the past about artists recycling their old hits and playing it safe but every once in a while during uncertain (and/or stressful) times, listening to something old and familiar can be just what the doctor ordered. Taylor’s performance is top notch here on the CD and he masterfully breathes new life into his old classics. His One Man Band is a keeper. personal favorites include: Steamroller Blues, Copperline, Never Die Young and Shower the People.