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you know, i have never envied any of the IT guys at work. they seem to always be in demand even after business hours. when a server goes down or an application doesn’t deliver crucial data on demand, the pressure lands squarely back on their shoulders up until everything gets back up and running. they’ve got a thankless job and they always seem to be running about putting out fires. maybe it’s time for the IT guys to get in contact with the great minds over at Uplogix to get themselves set up with their remote management solution called Uplogix Envoy.

instead of the guys traveling back and forth to various server locations to figure out the status of a certain problem, they could utilize Uplogix’s remote management solution to quickly assess problems and have complete control over all their servers, securely and effectively. their Solaris Security features are unmatched. in fact, they’re the first to offer a Solaris-optimized console management solution that is made specifically for today’s security and compliance challenges.

Alicia Keys - As I Am

I’ve had Alicia Keys’ new album As I Am in the CD changer for over a month now. sadly, I haven’t been able to listen to the CD all the way through yet. not even once. I’ve tried but I can only seem to take Alicia’sscreeching vocals in short bursts. She’s got this tendency to perform her songs in full throttle mode which is like getting hit in the ears with a sledgehammer. At some point, she’s got to learn a bit more about subtlety, nuance and holding back. I think her material is fine but at times, the songs seem to need a more seasoned vocalist with more depth and range. Now don’t get me wrong, Alicia’s got talent. She’s got charisma, the looks and she’s great on piano. But her downfall is the way she screams out her songs. As long as she figures out that “sometimes less is more”, she’ll be just fine.

Taiyo Yuden brand CDs

you’ve just completed recording one of the best songs you’ve written in years and it took you days just to get the lead vocals just right. and now you’ve got to make copies of your demo to send to some important contacts in the industry that have promised you some ear time. so obviously it’s pretty important to send out good working copies on quality CDs for these execs to play your song on. it’s usually a link in the chain that gets overlooked but there are indeed varying degrees of quality among blank CD and DVD media. and for something as important as a record exec listening to your demos, this isn’t the time to skimp on the quality of your recordable CDs. that’s why i highly recommend using Taiyo Yuden brand recordable CDs and DVDs. they are known throughout the industry as the best brand of blank discs with unsurpassed reliability and the lowest error rates. and all their CDs and DVDs come with a 100 year data integrity guarantee. and you can find the best prices on blank CDs and DVDs at Supermediastore. don’t take a chance on burning unplayable coasters. be worry-free by using Taiyo Yuden CDs.