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Drummer profile

indulge me for a moment. imagine that i’m profiled in the latest issue ofmodern drummer magazine. (yeah, laugh all you want. it could happen!! ……in my dreams….) so, anyway, here’s how the artist profile would read: my Modern Drummer profile

brief history: worked with different bands throughout his career includingarray, scepter and the david & johann band. recorded a couple albums at his home studio called the garage as well as a handful of solo albums (playing most of the instruments by himself ala stevie wonder and todd rundgren).

current set up: pearl masters custom series 4-ply maple set. plus a mixture of sabian and zildjian cymbals. and a 13″ pearl piccolo snare drum. cymbal configuration include 8″ and 10″ splashes, 18″ china, 20″ ride, 15″ 16″ 18″ crashes and 14″ new beat hi-hats. i love the way the pearl master series drums sound. warm with a nice attack. and i’m all about the piccolo snare! it’s got that high end snap that really breaks through the mix. as for my signature cymbal work: i gotta have my small splash cymbals and the china. can’t leave home without ‘em.

back up/practice set : yamaha DTX 2.0 sound module, pintech silentech drum trigger pads. not my favorite thing to play. trigger pads will never take the place of a real set of drums. it’s neat to have the variety of sounds and i use it for recording every once in a while but it’s really tough to play with finesse on these pads.

preferred drumstick: vic firth american custom maple SD4. very light in weight so i can do intricate fills with less effort. the downside is that they break easily since they are made of maple. i’ll never go back to 5A hickory sticks again!!

auxiliary equipment: ovation acoustic guitar, fender telecaster (50’s reissue) guitar, alesis compressor, fostex multitrack recorder, zoom studio effects box, DOD distortion/compressor stomp box and roland guitar amp. early influences:

1) ringo starr : especially hey jude, ticket to ride, rain, strawberry fields forever and basically all of the abbey road album. I memorized the whole beatles catalog early on.

2) carl palmer : i used to play along with Asia’s alpha album almost everyday after school when it first came out.

3) stewart copeland : especially spirits in the material world, murder by numbers and synchronicity II. loved stewart’s pseudo-reggae feel and his use of splash cymbals.

4) neil peart : overture/temple of syrinx, red barchetta, a passage to bangkok. i played these covers with the band array. i love neil’s creative drum fills.

5) Jerry Speiser : Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive and No Restrictions on men at work’s cargo album. i hate to admit that i listened to them but hey they were hot back then….really!…

6) Tony Thompson : dude, Tony Thompson and Bernard Edwards did a tremendous job rhythmically on robert palmer’s ‘riptide’ album. check out i didn’t mean to turn you on, hyperactive and flesh wound. introduced me to eighties style funk.

7) Phil Collins : amazing drum sound. loved the way his drums were always mixed upfront and in your face. his drumming on genesis’ mama was very influential in the way i play.

8 ) Steve Smith : the master of power ballad drumming. very tasteful drum fills. also loved the way he played on journey’s separate ways/worlds apart.

9) Omar Hakim : his work on Sting’s bring on the night still, to this day, leaves me flabbergasted. currently listening to the following drummers: vinnie colaiuta, manu katche, dave weckl, carter beauford, prairie prince and chuck sabo.

thoughts on drum machines : love ‘em. used a Boss DR-550 for years when recording demos. plus drummers nowadays need to be able to play with click-tracks since most recordings are done with one. drum loops are fun to play with as long as they’re programmed right.

the role of the bass guitarist: the bassist plays a significant role in the way you play. a lousy bass guitarist will make even the most skilled drummer sound like crap. i used to play with an ex-session musician from nashville and he was incredible. he made it so easy to make a song groove. it was like butter. he ended up moving to the midwest and i miss him dearly. dude, it’s not the same without ya man!

favorite bass guitarists: paul mccartney, chris squire, abraham laboriel, john wetton, sting, john entwhistle

favorite guitarists: trevor rabin, todd rundgren, robbie mcintosh, eric clapton, steve howe, eric johnson, lyle workman. -end of profile-…now back to reality. ….thanks again for indulging me!