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Carnival Ride

You know i was pleasantly surprised listening to Carrie Underwood’s new album Carnival Ride . after the huge crossover success of her debut album,Some Hearts, i would have thought the obvious choice for a follow-up for her would be something more pop sounding. but in a bold move, Underwood didn’t choose the easy way out and stayed true to the Nashville sound. i’m personally not a huge country music fan but I appreciate talent and listening to this album, one can easily recognize Underwood’s talent as a vocalist.

She’s also stretching out as a songwriter as well, co-writing four songs on the Cd. but her big arena-filling voice is where it’s at and fortunately there are a good number of power ballads to be found on Carnival Ride including a personal favorite of mine titled “I Know You Won’t”. yes it’s melodramatic and the song could have easily gone to cheeze but the tastefully done instrumental arrangements along with her emotional vocal delivery take the simple tune to a whole ‘nother level. Have a listen to hear what i mean… With the album chock full of stellar tunes, Carnival Ride will probably go on to be as big or even surpass what Underwood’s multi-platinum Some Heartsdid in sales. either way, it’s safe to say that Underwood’s here for the long haul.