Old Blog Entries

Blink by Plumb

you know i’m all for artists following their muse and all but i’m not totally sure about this softer side of Plumb. Tiffany Arbuckle Lee (aka Plumb) has been successful for her modern-rock style (see Chaotic Resolve ) so this album full of songs written for her newborn son is a bit hard to swallow. Plumb’s album Blink is a cool concept, recording lullabies for babies but unfortunately the resulting songs will put the listener to sleep (along with your baby). the songs are all calming and soothing with an ethereal feel to them but there lies the problem: the songs all end up sounding the same with no change to break up the monotony.

after a couple of songs in, i kept on wanting to hear some crunchy electric guitars or a snare drum to brighten the sound a bit. i really hate to say anything negative about Plumb’s new album since it’s obvious her intentions were sincere and true and not driven by sales or marketing. but to be honest, i don’t see myself listening to this album that often in the near future. the one track that leaps out from all the others is a song called Sleep. quite aptly titled for this album don’t ya think? turns out the song is a remake from her last album Chaotic Resolve. so check out Plumb’s Blink if you want to be lulled to sleep with your newborn baby in your arms otherwise I recommend her previous album Chaotic Resolve .

Bare-flesh sensors ON

while busy rushing through my usual weekend routine of vacuuming and tidying up the house, my bare-flesh sensorswent into alarm. yes, all males have the uncanny ability to detect the appearance of miniskirts, short shorts, tube-tops and bare midriffs within a certain proximity. i was thinking it was a false alarm since this was the middle of december and all but i then remembered the weather guy mentioning something about us having some unusually warm weather for the next couple days. i turned to look out my living room window and quickly confirmed that my senses did NOT deceive me. Catherine, the neighbor across from us, was out working on her yard. she was bent over in that oh so lovely way that all men truly know and appreciate. and as it so happened, she had on her little running shorts and a tight white t-shirt. and under any other circumstances it’d be a welcomed sight but the problem was that I personally know that she’s one hateful bitch. you know, the type that wouldn’t think twice about stabbing you in the back. it’s a bit hard to enjoy the lovely view when you know the person that you’re looking at is made of pure evil.

i was about to go back to my cleaning duties but my eyes could not turn away from those lovely smooth legs that were spread apart oh so invitingly. those blue running shorts were tightly caressing her well-toned ass as she continued to bend over, spreading some mulch around her shrubs. God, I hate her. she’s obviously doing this on purpose. proudly displaying her ass and her long legs for all the other husbands in the cul-de-sac to lust after through their windows. that bitch. does she HAVE to wear that outfit while spreading mulch about the yard? and what about spreading her legs and making sure that her ass was facing my direction? does she enjoy calling attention to herself like that? is it some sort of twisted power trip? does it turn her on knowing that i got a hard-on watching her bent over like that? what a bitch.